French High School near a medieval city.


Informations complémentaires

Nom de l'écoleCollège Saint Martin
Niveau8th grade / 4ème
MatièreHumanities and Languages / Sciences humaines et langues
EchangeVirtual Exchange / Echange à distance, Exchange Trip / Voyage d'étude
Nombre d'étudiantsMore than / plus de 30
Média social
Code Postal53150
Rue1 rue du Marchis

We are a small high school in the countryside, in a small village near Laval, a medieval city.
We are a team of 17 teachers and 133 pupils are currently studying in our school.
Our students have the opportunity to learn and grow surrounded by nature. There are goats, hens and bees in the schoolyard. The students are evolving in a convivial structure where the emphasis is laid on their individual well-being and their learning process. Indeed, being part of a small team makes it easier for teachers to communicate and share ideas. We are convinced that traveling, encountering new people and discovering new cultures allow students to broaden their mind. We are ready to offer you a unique French experience. So hesitate no more and join us on this beautiful adventure.

janvier 17, 2023 12:41 pm

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