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School NameFDNU, Fédération Française pour la Diplomatie et des Nations Unies
LevelL1 – CPGE 1 - DUT 1 - BTS 1 / Freshman, L2 – CPGE 2 - DUT 2 - BTS 1 / Sophomore, L3 – Junior & Senior, Master, Doctorat / PhD, Etudes professionnelles / Vocational studies
FieldArts - Design - Architecture / Art - Design - Architecture, Communication - Advertising / Communication - Publicité, Law - Business / Droit - Commerce, Vocational Studies / Etudes professionnelles, Medical - Paramedical - Pharmacy / Médical - paramédical - pharmacie, Engineering / Sciences de l’ingénieur, Hard Sciences / Sciences dures et physiques, Humanities and Languages / Sciences humaines et langues, Social and Political Sciences / Sciences sociales et politiques, Sports / Sport
Exchange typeExchange Trip / Voyage d'étude
Number of studentsMore than / plus de 30
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Zip Code31000
Street2 Rue Charles Camichel
Involved in any student mobilityNo/Non

Beyond Borders : Bridging Nations through International Cooperation.

It is a great pleasure for us to introduce you to the first edition of France Model United Nations (FMUN), from the 24th to the 28th of June 2024. FMUN is a project of the Fédération pour la Diplomatie et les Nations Unies (FDNU), a United Nations Youth Association, aiming at promoting diplomatic engagement in France, by fostering international cooperation and underlining the values of the UN to young generations. This MUN is the first one to represent the plurality of all French MUNs, and is therefore going to be the first international MUN to highlight French culture and lifestyle.

The theme of our conference “Beyond Borders: Bridging Nations through International Cooperation” focuses on the idea of overcoming physical, political, and cultural boundaries between nations to encourage international collaboration. This involves creating connections between different countries to work together towards common goals. Indeed, our teams are currently doing their utmost to provide academic excellence but most importantly diversity, as FMUN will welcome delegates from all around the world and encourage cultural appreciation.

This year, our conference will be held in Toulouse, an innovative and diverse city in the south of France. FMUN will take place in a prestigious university, thanks to our collaboration with the Sustainable Development Department (BDD), a students association of ENSEEIHT school.

For its first edition, FMUN chose to set the bar high, by hosting 500 delegates and 30 various and fascinating committees. Through fruitful debates, exciting conferences held by distinguished attendees but also spectacular events, FMUN guarantees an unforgettable experience throughout its four days.

We hope that FMUN24 will be a new step towards a more inclusive, multilateral and sustainable world that will be shaped by every delegate, and this, for years to come.

February 21, 2024 4:53 pm

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