Exchange program with an American school


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School NameCollège Jean Blouin
GradeFreshman / 3ème
FieldHumanities and Languages / Sciences humaines et langues
ExchangeVirtual Exchange / Echange à distance, Exchange Trip / Voyage d'étude
Number of studentsMore than / plus de 30
Social media
Zip Code49285
Street15 Rue Louis Pasteur

French private middle school, in Saint-Germain-sur-Moine (a little town in western France located next to Nantes) we’re seeking an exchange contact and trip with a middle school in the US. We are planning a visit in March or May 2024 with a group of 76 students (14 years old), the trip is part of an English project. We re looking for penfriends and contacts with an American school to visit and welcome students between September 2023 and May 2024.

January 3, 2023 11:53 am

99 days, 16 hours

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